Situated in the Mediterranean at the crossroads of three continents our island supports an amazing mountain range and many beautiful beaches. It basks in glorious sunshine most of the year. As part of the European Union, Cyprus experiences a successful economic growth and continues to grow in the political arena.

Limassol (Map Two)

Is a fun and exciting coastal city with a busy nightlife. It is a main business hub supporting excellent legal, financial and enterprising companies. Traditional Villages can be found dotted around the lower slopes of Troodos mountains in the Limassol wine region. Golf courses, sandy beaches, ancient ruins and Byzantine churches are plentiful all around.

The Boutique Residence (Map Three)

Is uniquely located at 100m from the beach in the Limassol leisure district and only two kilometers from the city center. Overlooking the Boutique Residence is a natural eucalyptus & mimosa tree forest planted on the sandy beach of "Dassoudi", translated in Greek "The small Forest". This little forest is the landmark of the Limassol coast.

The area is surrounded by restaurants, clubs and shops.