Burma Teak Flooring and Paneling (the favourite in luxurious yacht building)

The world’s best solid Teak specially imported from Burma is chosen for our bedroom and corridor flooring as well as the Suites entrance doors and paneling. Individually prepared by local carpenters and installed by the best craftsmen, the wood is hand sanded and polished with Beeswax to ensure the best possible finish.

Thassos Snow-White Marble

The Boutique Residence is proud to probably be the last luxury project in the world to use this beautiful floor covering. Thassos snow-white marble is the most expensive marble in the word due to its brilliant white color. This extinct species of marble is one of the rarest and most blessed gifts of nature.

Corian by Dupont

This extremely strong and versatile material is used for our Kitchen counter tops, bathroom wall coverings, sanitary ware and floor skirting.