Home Automation

Crestron Electronics uses the latest and most advanced system in the world to monitor Home Entertainment, Climate, Lighting and the external shading system to provide an unforgettable and trouble-free living experience. All is done by wireless handheld controllers as well as touch keypads functionally located in all rooms.

Biometric Entry System

For quick and easy access to the Suites a highly stylish Ekey biometric reader complements traditional key entry.

Satellite System

Multi channel Satellite system, as well as provision for individual access to subscriber services.

Audio System

A part of the Home Automation upgrade package Crestron takes care of Polk Audio speakers where guests may choose audio in individual rooms by using the home automation system.

Video Monitor Entry

A multi-entrance video intercom system by ELVOX as well as IP Cameras by D-Link prohibits trespassing to the building and the individual Suites.

Network Cameras

Network cameras can be installed in the rooms having the ability to monitor sound and vision 24 hours a day using an Internet connection or Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

High Speed Internet access

Wired connections to the Internet are provided throughout the building.

Security and Fire Detection

Crow is responsible for Home Security and Fire detection. Individual agreements will be available for 24 hour monitoring with Krypto the leading security company in Cyprus.

Structure cabling

Patch panel structure cabling for telephone and Internet access points ensures maximum flexibility for years to come.